Work, work, work.

It has begun. 
Crayola markers and crayons have officially taken over our house.  Ryder has homework assignments each week that usually require a drawing of some sort,  and I love to watch him create.
His imagination is endless.  His renditions of buildings and people are so real and raw it makes me want to be a kid again.  At this point, he still loves doing his homework…I’m sure that’s subject to change.


His version of our house.  Complete with what is probably the most psychedelic rainbow I’ve ever seen, and a serial killers signature to boot. 
I love every bit of this drawing, and the little man that created it.

Black on Black

gala_collageI have been given an amazing opportunity to attend the Rodan + Fields Convention this year and I am SOOO excited I can hardly stand it!!  This means I will get the opportunity to learn from top leaders of the company, spend time with amazing ladies that I have met and become friends with during this amazing journey, AND I get to attend a Gala!  I don’t make it a habit of buying fancy attire pretty much because I just don’t attend such events on a regular basis.  I knew that I wanted to keep things simple, black, and inexpensive…well maybe just one splurge item.  
I knew that I wanted to shop at ModCloth for my dress.  I love that I can pick the style, price, and color to fit my needs.  I immediately fell in love with the Sophisticated Spirit Dress because it’s the perfect little black dress with a touch of bling.  Just for fun I looked at shoes while I was on the site and decided on the Navigating the Neighborhood Flats because I’m way more comfortable in flats as opposed to heels, and these are just plain adorable.  I love that they can be dressed up or dressed down.  I have a feeling these will be a staple piece in my wardrobe.  

I wanted to keep my accessories to a minimum since the dress already has an embellished belt, so I went with the all time classic pearl bracelet.  I love that the bracelet has 3 strands, and it’s completed with a cute little black bow.  Simple, yet beautiful.  I couldn’t very well forget about a purse.  This is absolutely a splurge item, and you could totally choose a different option, but this was just so cute and is definitely a timeless piece.  The Kate Spade Nylon Mini Minka is so stinkin’ adorable, and it will tie the whole outfit together.  I love that you can wear it on your shoulder, or remove the strap and carry it in your hand.  The storage is insane for this little purse, and it is perfect to fit all of my goodies I need to get me through the whole night.
Last but certainly not least, the NuMe Classic Sweethearts set.  Seriously, if you’ve been looking for the perfect curling wand and straightener look no further.  These two are the perfect pair to give you just about any look you could ever imagine, and they will be perfect to help me get a semi-fancy beachy wave do that I’ve got in mind for the big night.  Can’t wait to see the end result!

What would you wear to a Gala event?
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Hello, September


You’re my favorite.
You bring me so much joy.
Your turning leaves, and brisk Fall air make me giddy for scarves and sweaters. 
September, I love you and all that encompasses you.

All Day Beauty with Neutrogena: Day Off


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertisers. All opinions are mine alone.

Now that I have the opportunity to stay at home more often with my family, this means it’s easy to get caught up in what I like to call the “lounging phase.”  Let’s face it, yoga pants and messy buns are pretty awesome, and if we could all wear them 24/7 we totally would.  Not to say that I never do that….but I make it a point to make myself presentable for running errands, taking my kids to the park, grocery shopping, play dates etc.  Even if this means a light wash of makeup, and a simple hair style – it’s still better than going out in public and getting caught by an acquaintance looking like I just rolled out of bed…we’ve all been here before.

There are a few beauty tips and tricks I keep hidden in my sleeve for such occasions so I feel pulled together on my days off.  These tips and tricks for an #alldaylook are my version of Hayden Panettiere’s All Day Beauty videos, featuring her favorite Neutrogena makeup products, which can all be found at Target!  Thanks to #collectivebias I get the chance to share some awesome products from Neutrogena that I’ve kept in my beauty arsenal for a while now, and now I get to share them with you!


In Hayden’s All Day Beauty – Day Off video she kept things very simple.  A light wash of makeup, and a simple side braid with a beanie to boot.  I wanted to keep my makeup just as simple because not only is that how she had her makeup, but, that’s exactly what I like to do on my days off.  I have entirely too many things to accomplish to spend hours getting ready for my day.  To get this simple look, I used the Neutrogena Healthy Volume Mascara, the Nourishing Eyeliner in Black, and the MoistureSmooth Color Stick in Sweet Watermelon.  These three go-to items will pull you together quickly, and make you presentable to the entire world in a few short steps!


neurogena_day_offStep 1: Using the Neutrogena Nourishing Eyeliner create a thin line tight against the lash line.  Then flip the liner over, and use the smudge stick to really smoke out the line so it ends up looking like a faint shadow.  This will define the lashes, without creating a harsh line.
neutrogena_day_off_eyesStep 2:  Apply a few generous coats of the Neutrogena Healthy Volume Mascara.  The brush for this mascara is awesome!  It lifts, and separates, and makes your lashes look full and fluffy!
neutrogena_day_off_lipsStep 3:  My favorite part…lips.  The Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick in Sweet Watermelon is the perfect color.  It gives you a your lips but better effect, and really ties this look together so you are presentable.

Now, my hair isn’t quite long enough to rock a cute side braid, so I kept it simple but fun.  Let’s face it ladies, we put our hair through quite a bit every single day.  It’s important to use great products that keep out hair clean, healthy, and strong.  I love the Neutrogena Triple Repair Shampoo, and Conditioner because it does all of that and more.  These amazing products contain Proteins that target the weakest parts of the hair, they contain conditioners to help create a protective layer around the hair shaft to help prevent further damage, and Peptides that attach to the damaged areas to optimize conditioning for healthier hair.  


Keeping Track

Hi!  My name is Jenn, and I am an organization-aholic.

am was one of those girls in school that had color coordinated subjects for each class.  I used colored pens to identify the importance of assignments, or to help me memorize things for tests while writing note cards etc.  I pretty much am OCD, and I recognize that.  That’s why when I was introduced to Erin Condren and her amazing Lifestyle Planners by a gal I work with – my life changed forever.

I realize that putting all of my appointments, and important dates in my phone is easy to do, but, I prefer to write things out.  I’m crazy, I know.  That being said, it’s fun to have something that’s personalized to fit your needs, and of course, something that has a great design.  If it’s pretty, and functions as I need it to, I must have it.  This is absolutely where I think Erin excels in her designs.  Everything she does is beautiful, and absolutely inspiring.  From her packaging, to the tiny details she puts into labels – it’s all amazing.

erin_condren erin_condren1I personally chose the Go Confidently Life Planner because having inspiring quotes on a regular basis just makes me happy, and the design caught my attention right away!  As I said earlier you can personalize it with your name, initials, photos, colors, stickers, storage, pens….the options are endless!  If you’re anything like me, you love options, and you love to design things that fit your needs and personality!
erin_condren2 erin_condren3I just can’t say enough amazing things about Erin Condren and her amazing designs!  I’m pretty sure I need her Monogrammed Luggage, Family Chore Charts, Practice Pads for penmanship for BOTH kids….pretty much EVERYTHING on her site!

Do you prefer to use your phone to keep track of your daily happenings, or do you love to use a planner like me?

**This is not a sponsored post.  Erin Condren has no idea who I am.  These products were purchased by me, and these words are expressing my own obsession for her amazing products.**

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