Beauty School 101: Makeup Brushes

I have been receiving tons of different questions about makeup, the proper tools to apply it, and how to apply it etc etc.  I figured now is as good a time as any to pass on little gems I’ve learned over the years.

That being said, I am so excited to announce that I am going to start a new weekly post the addresses these questions/concerns that you may have (so keep asking away, Loves)!

I am going to start out by discussing brushes in the interest of helping you choose brushes based on your needs, and their uses.

There are thousands of different brands, and styles of brushes out there, which means it can be very confusing and equally overwhelming trying to figure out what you need, and what will benefit your makeup routine while giving you the best application without breaking the bank while doing so.

I have tried many different brands, ranging from very high end to drug store brands and have found that the best brushes by far are Sigma.  Once again, just going to their site can be overwhelming because they do offer many wonderful choices, however, it’s all about figuring out what you need, and what brushes you will actually use.  It’s easy to get sucked into buying an entire set, yet truly only use maybe 5 out of the dozen offered.  That’s just silly.

Let’s begin by talking about my favorite line up of brushes that I use on a regular basis, shall we?



  1. Sigma F20 – Large Powder is perfect for setting your foundation or applying bronzer to your cheekbones and temples for a natural sun kissed look.  
  2. Sigma F40 – Large Angles Contour Brush is just what you need to apply blush. It can also be used to contour your cheekbones for a more chiseled appearance, therefore giving your cheekbones dimension and the appearance of a thinner face.
  3. Sigma F35 – Tapered Highlighter Brush is probably my absolute favorite out of all of the brushes I have.  It is shaped in such a unique way it get into every nook and cranny on your face and is perfect for applying a highlight to your cheeks and cupids bow.
  4. Sigma Eyes Kit is the perfect collection of all over eye makeup brushes, I couldn’t split them up.  I would highly recommend this collection to any level of makeup user. This collection includes:
    • E05 – Eye liner brush…pretty easy to figure out what this does just by the name of the brush.
    • E30 – Pencil Brush has become my little best friend while applying eyeshadow.  I use this to apply a highlight to my brow bone and the inner corner of my eye by the tear duct, as well as cutting a deeper crease into my lid to create a deeper set effect to my eyes, and to even smudge out my kohl liners on the upper and lower lash lines.
    • E40 – Tapered brush is great for blending a smoked out crease, and blending out any harsh lines created during eyeshadow application.
    • E55 – Eye Shading is great for creating a dramatic look by packing on shadow all over the lid.
    • E60 – Large Shader brush is perfect for applying a shadow basecream base, or loose pigment application.
    • E65 – Small Angle Brush is great for applying a gel liner to your lid, applying powder as a liner to your lid, or even filling in your brows.
    • E70 – Medium Angled Shading brush is designed to hug against the outer third of your lid and gives the classic 45 degree angle when applying shadow we all know and love to be the cat eye.  It can also be used to blend your crease shadow and apply a brow highlight.
  5. Sigma E15 – Flat Definer Brush.  Let me just say, this brush is a revolution.  It will forever change how you apply and set your eyeliner.  This brush can be used with gel, liquid, or a powder.  I personally use it with a powder eyed shadow and smudge out my kohl liner to give it a more natural effect as well as setting my liner so there is no makeup sliding going on.

There are a few other brushes that I would recommend, however, are not a must (which is why I did not include them in the picture above) have because to each their own, and you may have a different way of applying liquid/cream foundation than I do.

My favorite for liquid foundation application is the Sigma F88 – Flat Angled Kabuki Brush.  It is truly the best I have ever used to get an airbrushed look to your skin and created a flawless canvas for the rest of your makeup application.  It’s definitely worth drooling over, I promise.

Another option for those that use a cream based foundation is the Sigma F60 – Foundation Brush.  This of course can work with liquid as well, but I find that it applies creams and concealers much better.

This pretty much covers the brushes that I personally love, and use on a daily basis.  I would recommend any and all of these to beginners, or even advanced makeup users out there.

Before purchasing brushes, definitely sit down and evaluate what makeup you apply, and how you apply it.  Some of these brushes have multiple uses so it’s all about figuring out what will get the job done for your personal needs.

I sure hope this helps you figure out the crazy world of makeup brushes, Loves!

Let me know if you either have or are getting Sigma brushes, and tell me how much you love them!

Which is your favorite brush to use?

*Just so you know, Sigma has no clue who I am.  These are just my personal thoughts and obsessions feelings for their products that I wanted to share with all of you*

Check out my latest video where I talk about these amazing brushes!


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    This is exactly what I needed!! Thanks for the makeup brush help :) I’ve been trying to decide which of the beauty schools in Ontario I want to attend. I’m just practicing for now! :)

    • Jennifer

      You’re very welcome! I’m obsessed with makeup and all that comes along with it, so I love doing posts like this one. I will do beauty related posts each week with lessons or tutorials, so keep checking back! Thanks for stopping by!

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