When I started this blog, I found it very difficult for me to talk about myself…what am I supposed to say?  Cripes it’s like going into and interview and being forced to answer a question with three examples of positive, and three examples of negative traites about myself.  That being said, the “about me” page is always the first thing I go to whenever I stumble upon a new blog.  So after thinking about it for a while, and realizing that the best way for me to help you get to know me better is by making a list about myself.

  • I am the youngest of three, and am the only girl in my family which I love.
  • I love making lists, and organizing everything (type A for sure).
  • I have a son named Ryder, and a daughter named Addison which are the best little people in the whole world.
  • I have never loved anybody more than I love my husband, he is everything I want to be, and shows me how amazing life really can be.
  • My favorite color is green.
  • I don’t find writing an easy task.  I constantly second guess things I write, and I prefer to write just like I think…punctuation may or may not be involved in these scenarios.
  • I look at this blog as an outlet.  A way for me to express my feelings, thoughts, loves, and dreams.
  • I am my own worst critic.
  • I am forever changing my hair in one way or another.
  • I am obsessed with makeup, especially lip gloss, and eyeshadow.
  • I love to watch Disney movies with my family, it makes me feel like a kid all over again.
  • I am a CT Tech by day, and a blogger/Mommy/Wife/Rodan + Fields Executive Consultant by night.
  • I love to shop even if I’m not buying something for myself.
  • I think that York Peppermint Patties are the best form of junk food in the world.
  • Diet Pepsi is a weakness of mine.
  • I worked at Starbucks during my college career and still don’t like the taste of coffee.
  • I never knew how to use Photoshop until I started this little blog of mine…and had to have Hubbs show me the ropes.
  • If I could wear yoga pants all day everyday I would.
  • I love high heel shoes, but hardly ever wear them because I prefer to not have sore feet.
  • I love to pair french fries and milkshakes as a meal.
  • I refuse to ever drive a minivan no matter how big my family gets.
  • I’m obsessed with finding new blogs to read, yet only follow a handful daily.

Begin with Jenn (formerly the Wannabe Housewife) is a fun and creative way for me to share all of the things I love.  Here you will find makeup tutorials, reviews of products, places, and things, my favorite recipes, and many posts about my two littles and the man I call the Husband (aka Travis).  You can expect to hear from me 3-5 times a week, and will see regular makeup tutorials since I’m a self proclaimed makeup hoarder.  

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I hope to see you again!